Arbitration is a way of resolving disputes without recourse to the courts.  In an arbitration, the dispute is resolved by the final decision of a private tribunal chosen by the parties.  In addition to the benefits of privacy, arbitration also permits the parties to choose a process that suits them and to adopt a greater levels of flexibility and informality than would be available in court.

Members of Three New Square have experience of arbitrations, both in acting for a party involved in the arbitration, or acting as the arbitrator in such a dispute.


Mediation and other more informal forms for ADR are now important areas of modern civil litigation.  Members of Three New Square regularly appear for parties attending mediation or ADR meetings and can also offer appropriate help to clients prepare for such events.

In addition, members of Three New Square are willing to help parties wishing to mediate or engage in the various forms ADR by acting as a mediator or evaluator.  The approach taken by the mediator can be tailored to the needs or the parties and/or the nature of the dispute.  Members of Chambers have acted as appointed mediators in a variety of different fields, in mediations involving both small and large clients.  Currently there is one CEDR-trained mediator in chambers, Denise McFarland.

Chambers’ clerks can offer full support services in connection with facilities for engaging in all forms of alternative dispute resolution and conciliation. We are also able to provide suitable facilities for mediations in London. In addition, members of chambers are also prepared to travel to other locations in appropriate circumstances.