Chambers offers a single twelve month pupillage of two six month stages (reviewable after the first six months). A scientific qualification to degree level would be an advantage but is not essential.

Chambers’ pupillage is funded.  The award is currently £55,000 for the year, divided into a grant of £30,000 for the first 6 months and an income guarantee of £25,000 for the second 6 months.

Pupils are chosen through the Pupillage Gateway system and all pupillage applications should be made via that route.

First six months
In their first six months of pupillage, the pupil will sit with one or more of the established junior tenants and pupil supervisors. In that period the pupil can expect to be exposed to a wide range of intellectual property disputes. The pupil will go to court with their pupil supervisor and will sit in on any conferences. At the same time the pupil will be given the opportunity to work on their pupil supervisor’s papers, drafting both pleadings and written opinions. Generally during the first six months the pupil will be able to attend at least one major trial with their pupil supervisor but this will inevitably depend on the schedule of work. We also aim to take pupils to the European Patent Office in Munich at some stage during pupillage.

At the end of the first 6 months the pupil’s progress will be reviewed with their pupil supervisor(s) and discussed with the Head of Chambers. Progress to the second six months pupillage will depend upon a satisfactory first six months.

Second six months
The second six months of pupillage will usually be spent with different pupil supervisors. The emphasis at this stage is on experience of the kind of work carried out by the most junior members of chambers, in preparation for a possible tenancy.

During the second six months pupillage, there are opportunities for pupils to work on their own account. This tends to take the form of involvement in a major piece of litigation as a junior or second junior barrister as well as some advisory work. Pupils do appear in court on their own to a limited extent in their second six months as well as undertaking paid devilling work for other members of chambers.