Barristers at Three New Square are among the leading advocates at the Intellectual Property Bar. They represent their clients in the United Kingdom in the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court (formerly the House of Lords), in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court and in the UK Intellectual Property Office and Trade Marks Registry. They also represent parties to arbitration and other ADR proceedings.  A relatively new but increasingly important area of work is the participation in mock trials and appeals.

Outside the UK, members of chambers also appear in the European Court of Justice, in the European Patent Office in Munich, and in trade mark matters at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market in Alicante.

Three New Square has built its reputation on patent litigation.  Members of chambers have been involved in many of the United Kingdom’s leading patent cases and are highly experienced in dealing with technically complicated subject matter. Currently members of chambers have, between them, undergraduate and post graduate degrees in chemistry, engineering, physics, neuroscience, geophysics and psychology.

In addition, a significant part of chambers’ work comprises other areas of intellectual property, in particular copyright, registered and unregistered designs, registered trade marks, passing off, misuse of confidential information and related areas of domestic and European competition law.

In view of their dual expertise in handling both legal and scientific issues, members of chambers are also in high demand in other areas of litigation with scientifically complex issues.

Greater detail about the work done by each member of chambers can be found on their individual pages.