In addition to the more mainstream intellectual property rights, members of chambers advise and litigate in the areas of malicious falsehood, plant breeders rights, performing rights, moral rights, franchising, semi-conductor topography rights, computer contracts, media and entertainment law, and interrelated areas of European and UK competition and trade practices law.

Members of chambers also advise and represent clients in other areas of litigation which involve technically complex subject matter, such as issues as to compliance of a product with its technical specification. Their technical backgrounds and extensive experience in patent litigation provides transferable skills, which can be applied in other non-IP cases. These can include, for example: the design of experimentation to establish a fact; the conclusions to be drawn from an opponent’s experiment; the relevance and reliability of statistical evidence; the evaluation of technical disclosure material; the preparation of expert evidence and challenges to an opponent’s expert.

Members of chambers with such expertise are frequently teamed with a member of the commercial bar, when their complementary skills can be highly effective.