Cormeton Fire Protection Limited v Cormeton Electronics Limited

Tim Austen acted for Cormeton Electronics in this claim in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court for trade mark and copyright infringement.

Cormeton Fire Protection and Cormeton Electronics traded together under an umbrella brand “Cormeton”.  In 2003, the Cormeton business split and the parties went their separate ways, keeping to their respective fields of mechanical fire protection and fire and safety electronics.  Over a decade letter, Cormeton Fire Protection claimed of trade mark and copyright infringement by Electronics.

Trial was heard in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court over two days on 19-20 November 2020 by David Stone, sitting as a Deputy High Court Judge.  The Judge held that the parties had consented in 2003 to the Defendants’ trade as “Cormeton Electronics”, that the Defendants could use the domain name “” and that both parties would trade under “Cormeton” in their respective fields.  This licence still subsisted in 2021 and was irrevocable.  The claim for copyright infringement was unsuccessful. 

[2021] EWHC 11 (IPEC)

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